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List Building And Email Marketing Explained

New Power List Building



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Title: New Power List Building
Reviewed by Scott on Oct 11
Rating: 3.5
Summary: Learn To Build Lists Of Prospects And Customers

Aimed at beginners, this course will show you how to make use of list building and email marketing techniques to increase your customer base and provide future sales opportunities.

One of the oldest sayings in marketing is, “The money is in the list.” For most online marketers and many ‘offline’ businesses, that means an email subscriber list. So, a product that teaches you how to build lists of prospects and customers, maintain them and sell products or services to people on those lists is likely to be quite valuable to anyone who doesn’t already know how. In fact, list building and email marketing could be useful for you if you:

  • Have or want to have a business selling affiliate products
  • Have your own products and would like to sell more of them
  • Have a conventional business and want to expand in a new direction (online)

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
Email marketing and list building are two major elements of an Internet marketing system, since anyone who visits a website and leaves without buying is otherwise lost. ‘Capturing’ the details of some of these visitors for future contact and sales opportunities is a good way to get better value from your website. You can also capture people’s details in other ways and add them to your list(s), as long as you always have their permission. New Power List Building is aimed at helping you build an email list as quickly and easily as possible and to maintain that list so you can sell more…