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Title: Shortcut Bulletin
Reviewed by Richard on Oct 15
Rating: 5.0
Summary: A regular email newsletter highlighting potentially lucrative business opportunities

Receive an informative and entertaining newsletter from Glenn Fisher 6 days a week, containing useful advice and reviews pertaining to business opportunities.

The daily email newsletter is now a standard way for many companies to stay in contact with their audience of potential customers, and a company that specialises in information products is almost bound to use email newsletters as part of its marketing mix. The difficult part is to make the newsletters worth reading every day, but when they do, signing up for these regular emails is a good idea if you:

  • Want to stay informed of new products and offers
  • Want some free information and advice on a regular basis
  • Want to be read reviews of new products and services
  • Want to be entertained for a few minutes a day
  • Might want to learn how the experts use email marketing

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
The Shortcut Bulletin is a regular email newsletter delivered six days a week. Content varies but it usually includes some useful advice (perhaps a link to a free report), a review of a betting system, business opportunity or trading system, and possibly a low-cost business idea you could run with yourself. It’s an entertaining read, too, and far better than most free newsletters.