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Premier Yorkshire Betting Service


Price: By invitation only. Price not published but joining fee approximately £100, then £79 monthly

Premier Yorkshire offer a telephone-based betting and tipping service, suitable for the casual gambler.


Title: Premier Yorkshire Betting Service
Reviewed by Mark on Mar 6
Rating: 3.0
Summary: Casual betting system using a PIN-protected telephone service for members

Premier Yorkshire offer a selective betting service, backed up by the fact that they themselves bet on every selection that they recommend and post results online.

Betting attracts people for a variety of reasons, but the thought of a tax-free income is one of the main ones, and Premier Yorkshire concentrates on this aspect in its approach to would be members. Being more selective and objective should enable people to avoid becoming habitual gamblers and this approach could be right for you if you:

  • Want to use betting as an source of income
  • Don’t want or expect to bet every day
  • Want to use experienced advice to save your own time studying form, conditions, etc

What’s this business opportunity about?
There are a multitude of tipping services available; using a telephone service or emails, and this service uses a PIN protected telephone system. By being more selective than some services, the idea is that you only place one or two bets a week, on horse races or football matches, so you avoid betting for the sake of a bet. The selective approach should mean more profitable bets, as long as the tipping service gives you more winners than losers.