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What Work From Home Business Opportunities Have Good Earning Potential?

Title: What Work From Home Business Opportunities Have Good Earning Potential?
Reviewed by BizOpp Insider on May 4
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Are you in search of a new business opportunity where you can work from home or even have the flexibility to travel to somebody elses home? Unsure of where to start? Starting your own business can be most successful when putting your very own skills and talents to the test. This can make for a particularly successful enterprise when your very own unique skills can be shared with others that lack your skill in a specific subject. See the opportunities we have listed below to see how you can maximise a profit from your very own pre-existing skills.

1) Tutoring

Tutoring as a business opportunity is now widely spread around the globe, with huge organisations such as TEFL creating a teaching platform for native English speakers to travel the world to countries from Italy to China to teach foreign nationals the English language. On a smaller scale, one to one tuition is also proving to be particularly lucrative.

If you would like to start up your very own tutoring service, this could work as a successful business opportunity for you. Especially as many parents are more than willing to hire qualified tutors to work with their children to assist their grades.

In order to work as a tutor, there are qualifications required – at the minimum, relevant GCSE grades, or preferably a college or university graduate. If you have experience working with children already, then great, or course a CRB check will be required. Preferably experience working with children is beneficial, whilst experience working with children with learning disabilities is advantageous.

There are numerous types of tutoring service to be offered, not just foreign language tutoring, but tuition in computing for those who need assistant. There are so many people with a computer who are unaware of the resources available to them or how to use them. This is where an internet tutoring service could come in particularly handy with a vast amount of customers, especially the older generation who are not as experienced in using computers.

Becoming a tutor can work out particularly cost effective as the initial investment required, is minimal. For instance, to begin with, you will only require to advertise your tutoring service through your local newspaper, brochures or business cards. In order for this to be as effective as possible, do ensure all spelling is correct and that the literature has a professional layout. Be certain to include your advertising where your target market is sure to see it. For instance if you are offering computer services to the elderly, featuring your business cards in senior centres would be a good tactic.

A further option, is to set up an online tutoring service, similar to local tutoring, you will still require a business plan specifying both the subjects you intend to teach and also your clients. Your next step is to advertise – this can be done through online educational bulletin boards or by registering to online tutor referral agencies.

From having your very own tutoring business, you should expect to charge an hourly rate from £16 an hour in smaller, more rural areas to £25+ an hour in cities. The more qualified you are to teach, the more you can charge per hour. For subjects such as Math or Technology – a higher hourly rate can be charged.

2) Teaching Music

Do you have a passion for music? Can you play a musical instrument proficiently, be it the violin, piano or guitar? Have you experienced music lessons yourself? If so, you could in a perfect position to run your own music teacher business. Arts and music programmes have suffered greatly as part of the national curriculum due to funding cut-backs, leaving many schools and millions of children without adequate facilities and exposure to playing an instrument. For this reason, many parents are willing to pay for their children to attend private music classes once or twice a week in order to gain the creative element of learning that they would otherwise be missing out on.

Becoming a music teacher can provide an effective and lucrative business opportunity in which to earn a regular income from. If you would like to start your own music teaching business, you will need to be proficient in the instrument that you play, whatever the instrument may be. You will also need to make a decision as to which level of students you plan to teach, be it all levels; beginners, intermediate and advanced, or just beginners? The choice is yours and of course the choice you make will depend upon the proficiently of your own musical skill.

Next, you will need to make a decision based upon where you intend to work from, for instance, do you plan to rent a shop or teach from home? The price of music lessons vary across the board dependant on a number of factors including; the age of the student, the level of proficiency and the amount of students attending each lessons. You may opt to complete one-on-one or group lessons dependent on the student’s needs. The more students you can teach and the better your reputation, the more money you are likely to make.

Finally, where do you find your music students? There is always word of mouth otherwise talking to other music teachers at local schools and music shops is another way of gaining effective tips and hints. Business cards and local newspaper adverts will also assist you. The more music lessons you teach, the more advanced your teaching skills will become and in-turn your salary will climb. Rural areas will mean charging a lower rate, whilst working in the city will allow you to charge a higher rate.

Finding local students does not need to be difficult. Although there are many solutions, one of them is following this Local Business Marketing Profits course.