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Say No to the Captivity of Negativity

Title: Say No to the Captivity of Negativity
Reviewed by BizOpp Insider on Nov 13
Rating: 4.0

Negative thoughts and comments tend to only deflate you and those around you. As an entrepreneur – believing in yourself and your abilities is key, which is why negativity has to take a back seat. Not only is negativity destructive, but it also weakens your belief system. When you consider being raised amongst the culture of complaining and whinging day in, day out, you can be forgiven falling into the depths of negativity. In order to stop negativity in its tracks, it’s important that you discourage those negative thoughts and deflect those negative beings at every turn.

Without sounding like a princess of positivity and despite your natural instinct and conditioning to ignore any cliché, self-correcting twaddle you are given – when focusing on positivity within your career, this is something you could gain from greatly. New positive thinking strategies could not only lead to a happier you, but could also do wonders for your business.

The natural tendency in school is if you try to rise above negativity the other children will try to claw you back down with their negative ways. This can also happen as you get older, within the work place. So, now it really is time to stand up and be counted by rising above that cloud of negativity that’s so eager to lure you in. Do not allow the disbelievers to infect you with their poisonous self-pity and defeatism instead follow our five fruitful facts to increase your positive energy, starting right away!

  1. Participating in negative conversations can be somewhat draining, so instead of being drawn in, counter negativity with a positive statement e.g. “least our business is doing well”.
  2. When participating in negative dialogue, let the others do the talking, whilst you sit back and think of a positive input. Allow their words to bounce of you whilst you think of a pleasant and positive response.
  3. Think of yourself being shielded with an invisible cloak of positive energy. Not only is this cloak as light as a feather, but it protects you from the negative words and actions of others around you. When facing a hostile crowd, boxers apparently do the precise same thing.
  4. Throw a question back in return “So, what do you intend to do about it?” This is great for those with a tendency to vent rather than finding a solution and will assist in them finding a solution.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up if you have the odd moan here and there, it’s only natural and you are only human, so if you find yourself doing so from time to time, learn to forgive yourself and forget about it. You will find a pattern emerge in that the less you complain the less you will resort to it in future.