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A Flexible Business You Can Run Around Your Family

Usborne Books at Home


Price: £38

No experience required


Title: Usborne Books at Home
Reviewed by Lucy on Oct 16
Rating: 3.5
Summary: A multi-level marketing opportunity selling children’s books.

Sell from the Usborne Books range of over 1,500 story and educational books for children by organising parties, or through schools and fairs.

Usborne Books is a highly respected and profitable company who produce excellent quality story and educational books for children.

Usborne Books at Home – their multi-level marketing (MLM) arm – has been going many years, and it’s this MLM opportunity we’re looking at in this review.

As Usborne say:

  • This opportunity has helped tens of thousands of people to earn money on their own terms
  • They each have built successful businesses by selling Usborne books at home parties, playgroups, public events, school book fairs… the list is endless!
  • You get plenty of support and incentives

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
This is a business designed to fit around your family; it’s flexible*, can be great fun, and you don’t need any previous experience.

*While it depends on when people are available to hold parties for you, or when schools and fairs, etc, are open, this opportunity can be fitted quite well to your own timetable.

It’s a social way of earning money which is especially good if you are missing the social contact you once had (for example, if you are at home with small children or have been made redundant, or really wish you hadn’t retired!).

Usborne Books specialise in good quality children’s books. They have over 1,500 titles and bring out 300 new titles a year, meaning you have a good excuse to have more parties! So, do people make money through Usborne at Home? Read on to find out if this is a good opportunity for you.