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Make Money By Building A Database Of Customers

Tim Lowe Online



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A course aimed at beginners


Title: Tim Lowe Online
Reviewed by Anna on Oct 3
Rating: 4.0
Summary: Beginners course in selling information products brought to you by Tim Lowe

Tim Lowe has been successfully selling information products for many years now and has made millions in profit. Here he promises to show you the secrets behind his success and demonstrate how you can develop a valuable database of customers.

Tim Lowe has been selling information products for almost a decade now and has made millions of pounds in the process, so if he really is prepared to share the exact methods he’s used to achieve that, it’s probably something you should seriously consider. This product aims to teach you how to replicate the backbone of his business – a database of people who are highly likely to buy your products. This will be of interest to you if you:

  • Have products or product ideas but don’t know how to sell them
  • Have started to build a mailing list but want to make faster progress
  • Want to start an information product business and don’t know how to start

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
The people most likely to buy anything from you are those who feel they know, like and trust you, and a database of such people is a very valuable asset for any business. Especially with an information product business, your potential customers can be won over with free information, hints and tips, regular communication and genuine special offers. By building a relationship with people in this way you can turn them from sceptical potential customers to enthusiastic buyers, and