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Sell Body Shop Products With Your Own Hosted Parties

The Body Shop Franchise


Price: £40

Earn extra money - popular with women


Title: The Body Shop Franchise
Reviewed by Lucy on Oct 22
Rating: 4.0
Summary: Work flexible, part-time hours selling products from the Body Shop.

Earn commission selling Body Shop goods at hosted gatherings (‘parties’). No hard-sell necessary, the aim is to demonstrate their products in a relaxed environment, with the emphasis on building a business flexibly around your lifestyle.

The Body Shop At Home is a business opportunity designed to let you work part-time, flexible hours.

It’s for people who:

  • Want extra money
  • Want to work flexible hours
  • Are fun-loving
  • Enjoy socialising
  • Like Body Shop products
  • Want to learn more skills
  • Want to build a part or full time, sustainable business working from home

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
Essentially this is about selling Body Shop goods at hosted gatherings (‘parties’), and you make commission on sales.

You don’t need a hard sell – you just demonstrate, chat, have games* if you want, and hand samples around for people to try. The aim is to