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Become A Big Name Franchise At A Smaller Price

Subway Franchise


Price: From £100,000

Security of national marketing to attract customers


Title: Subway Franchise
Reviewed by Jenna on Oct 22
Rating: 4.0
Summary: A fast food franchise opportunity with an established and expanding brand.

Subway offer a franchise opportunity in the fast food industry that is backed by their well-received national marketing campaigns, with exclusive territories offered to all their franchisees at this point in time.

Fast food is big business, as any High Street survey will show you, and Subway is one of the big players in the fast food market. There’s no sign of them slowing their expansion and they are keen to sign up new franchisees in new locations across the UK. Fast food isn’t the easiest way to make money – there will be long hours and hard work, without a great net income at first. But it is possible to build a good business, possibly own multiple outlets and make a good living in time. A fast food franchise might be right for you if you:

  • Are happy to work hard and with long hours to build a business
  • Like working in the food industry, meeting customers and managing staff
  • Have good business skills and financial acumen

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
Fast food franchises like Subway are well-known brands that attract more customers than unknown competitors, even when the competition is of a high standard and often cheaper. The market they aim at is in an age range (16-39) that seems to be more susceptible to advertising, and franchisees certainly benefit from the national marketing campaigns that they help to fund. That should mean that the average franchise outlet, unless they really mess up, will always have enough customers.