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Martin Welch Ltd Review - Scam?

Six-Figure Consultant by Martin Welch


Bargepoles are too short…


Title: Six-Figure Consultant by Martin Welch
Reviewed by BizOpp Insider on Oct 18
Rating: 1.0
Summary: Work using Martin Welch’s lead generation system to generate an income.

Martin Welch offers training and advice on generating your own income from telephone leads.

This is what the biz opp creator has to say:

Imagine this…You pick up the phone and dial a certain number.

The person answering has never spoken to you before but as soon as you say seven ‘magic words’ they are pleased you called. Very pleased. It could be the most important call they’ve received that year!

You chat pleasantly for a while (mentioning certain ‘magic phrases’ now and then). They thank you for the call and you say your goodbyes.

That’s your day’s work finished!

Soon after, you send in an invoice for £300 and receive a payment directly into your bank account.

And… you repeat this as many times as you feel like. You can do it three times a day, or once a week – it’s just up to you to decide how much money you want!

Just one successful call each day could net you over £6,000 a month!

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
This opportunity is about learning a straight forward strategy which will hook businesses owners, meaning you could, after practise, walk away with several hundred pounds a day for very little work on your part.