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A Risk-Free Betting Method You Can Learn In Minutes

The Risk-Free Betting Handbook



Price: £50

Arbitrage betting explained


Title: The Risk-Free Betting Handbook
Reviewed by Scott on Jan 5
Rating: 3.0
Summary: A betting handbook focusing on the system of arbitrage betting.

Handbook covering the basics of setting up multiple accounts with bookmakers and placing bets, recognising the opportunities for arbitrage betting.

Finding a betting system that can never lose is probably most gamblers’ idea of heaven, but The Risk-Free Betting Handbook promises to give you exactly that. Not only that but it actually delivers on that promise. As long as you have the time to invest it is possible to place bets with no risk of losing your money, although the winnings will be small and the time invested will be large. Still, if you like the idea of a ‘can’t lose’ betting system and don’t want to get rich quickly, this could be a good buy for you, especially if you:

  • Don’t want to spend more than £50 to learn about it
  • Have a moderate amount of money to play with for modest returns
  • Have plenty of time available

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
Arbritrage betting has been around for a while and was once touted as the next big thing for gamblers who were fed up with losing, and The Risk-Free Betting Handbook explains arbitrage betting it terms that most people should be able to understand. In arbitrage betting the risk is removed by betting on all possible outcomes and the profit comes from the different odds you can sometimes find from different bookmakers. When you find an event where the bookies will give you sufficiently different odds you genuinely can’t lose.