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Learn Inventive Property Strategies From Rick Otton

Rick Otton’s Rent 2 Own Pack


Price: £1,544

Definitely worth a look if property interests you


Title: Rick Otton’s Rent 2 Own Pack
Reviewed by Richard on Oct 15
Rating: 4.0
Summary: Learn Rick Otton’s strategies to help make money from property with minimal investment.

Rent2Own focuses on a set of creative solutions from the author, Rich Otton, designed to profit from property investment even in difficult markets.

Rest2Own from Rick Otton is an inventive set of strategies to help you make money from property with minimal investment. Rick Otton has used and taught these techniques in Australia and the USA, as well as the UK, for several years, and they’re particularly appropriate in a difficult market where many homeowners are left with negative equity and debt, while others are unable to buy. The strategies aim to help both buyer and seller, while making a very nice profit on the deal. This could be a suitable way for you to make money from property if you:

  • Have very little to invest but want to get into property
  • Are a good negotiator or want to become one
  • Are not afraid of big numbers

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
The property market ‘crash’ has left a lot of home buyers in a difficult situation. Because people believed that property prices would always rise, at least over a period of six or seven years, many of them took out loans that represented almost 100 percent of the value of their home. Others were encouraged to cash in on the equity on their homes by taking on additional mortgages. When prices declined, even by a few percentage points, and incomes possibly stagnated or fell as well, they were left with negative equity and growing debt. There could be millions of householders in this situation right now: unable to sell and unable to pay the cost of their loan. Meanwhile, many would-be buyers can’t get on the property ladder because prices are still too high and borrowing has become more difficult. This presents a real opportunity for creative property investors to come to the rescue and make a nice return for their trouble. Rent2Own is a set of creative solutions that Rick Otton suggests anyone can learn to use.