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Start A Cleaning Company In An Area Of Your Own



Price: £9,999 + VAT

British Franchise Association approved


Title: Maid2Clean
Reviewed by Jenna on Oct 18
Rating: 4.5
Summary: A cleaning franchise opportunity with the backing of a well-established brand, Maid2Clean.

Maid2Clean offer the chance to become a franchise holder with them, following their ready-made business plan and undergoing comprehensive training on how to run your own cleaning business.

Maid2Clean is looking for franchisees who have:

  • An upbeat attitude
  • The desire to run their own business
  • The ability to follow a ready-made business plan
  • A desire for success
  • Respect for people, especially customers and staff
  • The ability to deliver as advertised with the Maid2Clean brand promise
  • The wish and ability to build a long term business relationship

We’ve chosen to tell you about Maid2Clean today, as we believe it is very good business opportunity. This BFA (British Franchise Association) approved franchise is based on running a cleaning business.

The idea behind Maid2Clean is you:

  • Receive good, comprehensive training
  • Run the business, not do the cleaning
  • Build up a good residual income

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
At first sight, we were a bit dubious, as the franchise website is quite old fashioned and definitely needs some good proofreading! However, as soon as we began to dig further and to ask around, our initial concerns seemed unfounded.

This opportunity is about building a cleaning business – the emphasis is on the word business; it is not a job – and building a residual income. Yes, you could do this yourself but, unless you have a large range of skills, you could find it slow and a hard slog. With Maid2Clean, you have a long- and well-established business and brand behind you.