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Make An Extra Income Selling Cleaning Products



Price: Free / £80 to £185

Long-established, door to door, catalogue sales


Title: Kleeneze
Reviewed by Lucy on Oct 16
Rating: 3.0
Summary: Sell cleaning products door-to-door as a Kleeneze agent

Sell from a wide range of cleaning products as a distributor for Kleeneze, one of the longest-established direct sales companies in the world.

For people wanting an extra income and not afraid to get out and about to earn it, there are numerous direct selling business opportunities available. These fall into two camps – the door to door method where you leave a catalogue one day and collect it a few days later, hopefully with an order, and the ‘party plan’ method. One of the longest-established direct sales companies in the world is Kleeneze, founded in Bristol way back in 1938, and still selling door to door. This kind of opportunity might be just right for you if you:

  • Have a modest amount of money to invest in a ‘franchise’ type of business
  • Enjoy getting out and about
  • Want to work at a time that suits you
  • Are prepared to work quite hard, especially at first

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
Selling cleaning products door to door might not sound like the most glamorous business but the company has been around long enough to suggest it works, even in the age of pound shops and online shopping. The business model is based on posting the company’s catalogues through letterboxes one day and collecting them a few days later on a specific day. The Kleeneze brand is well known, which should help to sell the products.