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Learn Strategies About Multiple Lets From A HMO Expert

Jim Haliburton, HMO Daddy


Price: Free, to £3,600+

Ex-Lecturer Now Owns Over 86 HMO's


Title: Jim Haliburton, HMO Daddy
Reviewed by Jonathan on Oct 16
Rating: 4.0
Summary: Jim Haliburton’s system for investment in Houses in Multiple Occupation.

A training course that aims to teach you how to make money through investment in HMO properties and to capitalise on the burgeoning rental market, led by the hands-on approach of Jim Haliburton.

Property investing has been difficult for the last few years but ‘HMO Daddy’ Jim Haliburton always had a different approach to things and here he is, still teaching other people how to use ‘Houses of Multiple Occupancy’ to make money. With HMOs you can reduce the risk of ‘voids’ and get about three times as much income per property, in exchange for dealing with a few more rules and regulations. Investing in HMOs could be a good move for you if you:

  • Want to make money from property rental
  • Are nervous about ‘voids’ (when the property is empty and paying you)
  • Are quite organised and good at managing people and your business

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
Investing in HMOs has probably been least affected by the changes in the property market, and with more people unable to buy and so forced to rent, demand will have increased in the last few years. Regulation has been tightened a little, and inconsistencies between different local authorities are probably less blatant than they were when we first met Jim Haliburton four five years ago. That should mean that a training course on HMO investing will be able to give you the full picture on how to do it in your area.