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Learn To Profit From Gold and Silver Investments

Gold for Life


Price: £4,997

Monthly income from Gold and Silver Investing


Title: Gold For Life
Reviewed by Mark on Oct 15
Rating: 4.0
Summary: An investment and trading strategy brought to you by Minesh Bhindi

Minesh Bhindi shares his insight into how to make an income from investing in gold and silver, with a minimal investment of your time.

Gold for Life is an investment strategy taught by Minesh Bhindi, who become a millionaire in his twenties and is now teaching students how to make an income from investing in gold and silver. While currencies wax and wane but generally decline over time due to inflation, precious metals tend to hold their value in the long term and Minesh uses this fact to secure his investments and make money from ‘below market value’ gold and silver and price fluctuations. While we’re not qualified to give financial advice, investing in precious metals could be a good idea for you if you:

  • Have a sum of money to invest and would like an income from it as well
  • Would like an investment strategy that allows you to withdraw the capital quickly if necessary
  • Would like to use the long-term security of gold and silver to protect your wealth

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
Gold for Life is obviously an investment and trading strategy rather than a business opportunity but it is still a possible route to a monthly income. The strategy is claimed to only take one to two hours a month to operate and monthly returns are said to have averaged between two and three percent of capital invested. So, if you invested £10,000, for example, you would expect a monthly return of between £200 and £300, always remembering past results are not necessarily representative of future performance. That’s not a fortune, of course, but if your investment was ten times as much you would obviously get ten times the return. You can also test the system with a virtual account.