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Freedom Five



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Title: Freedom Five
Reviewed by Richard on Oct 18
Rating: 2.5
Summary: Learn to use an outsourcing service to take care of work you bill for.

Freedom Five focuses on using one outsourcing method in particular to generate a decent return on the marked-up rates that you pass on to your clients for work carried out on your behalf.

This is a brief overview of:

  • How to use a certain outsourcing site that charges very low rates for all sorts of services, including ones to do with businesses and the internet
  • How to charge businesses up to several hundred per cent mark up
  • How to get businesses to see that what you’re charging is a more than a reasonable rate

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
As they say in the introduction, ‘This report will teach you how to turn $5 into $100, multiple times a day through the magic of outsourcing. People from all over the world are willing to perform all kinds of skilled tasks for extremely low rates—a fact that mega-corporations have been taking advantage of for decades.’

How do they do this? Well, you