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Family Grapevine


Price: £3,250

A challenge with good returns possible


Title: Family Grapevine
Reviewed by Anna on Oct 18
Rating: 3.5
Summary: A franchise opportunity for would-be editors and publishers.

Family Grapevine offer the chance to become a local magazine publisher; franchisees being responsible for all preparation of their own edition of the FG magazine, aimed at families with growing children, and for generating advertising sales revenue.

Family Grapevine is a fairly new franchise for would be editors and publishers. The local magazine and associated website is aimed at families with growing children, from ante natal to teenage years. There are other local magazine franchises and they are often community-based but Family Grapevine is unusual in being targeted at one sector of the local community and only being published three times a year to fit in with school terms. Becoming a local magazine publisher may be just right for you if you:

  • Have experience of and enjoy producing magazines
  • Have experience of selling advertising space
  • Enjoy building relationships with local businesses

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
Family Grapevine is an opportunity to produce a local magazine with a specific target market, drawing on the experience and resources of experienced publishers. The magazine has over twenty local editions and is eager to expand into new areas. Franchisees are responsible for research, assessing the competition, marketing, developing leads and contacts, selling and designing ads and preparing each edition for press. They then need to distribute the magazines and deal with admin and accounts. Support for some of these functions, especially design, is available from the company’s central service teams, and other tasks can be outsourced.