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Learn How To Set Up Your Own Money Making Newsletter

Ezine Academy by Martin Avis



Price: $147

Great business opportunity you can run from anywhere


Title: Ezine Academy
Reviewed by Mark on Oct 18
Rating: 4.5
Summary: Martin Avis takes you through setting up your own newsletter business.

The Ezine Academy by Martin Avis, formerly known as the Newsletter Wealth Formula, takes you step-by-step through his own formula for making money from newsletter publishing.

Here’s how the author puts it: “I’m so glad I lost my job! Now I make a great six-figure annual income from just 3-4 hours per week using simple emails.”

Previously known as the Newsletter Wealth Formula, this course takes you through setting up your own newsletter business – even if you haven’t done much writing before. You’ll be shown:

  • how to write
  • what to write
  • who to write to
  • …and how to attract subscribers to send it to!

Whilst you can’t expect this sort of success from the start, Martin is now living his dream. He says, ‘Now I spend just an hour or two a week writing each edition of my twice-weekly newsletter, Kickstart. That’s usually under 4 hours ‘work’ that generates a very comfortable full-time income for me and my family.’

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
Martin Avis has plenty of experience of writing and producing newsletters, and making money through them. In this course, he shares his experience with you – follow his teaching and you’ll be able to create and run your own successful online newsletter.

This is a proven and workable business that can eventually make you a good income without having to work full time.