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Get involved with racehorse ownership

Elite Racing Club


Price: £185 per year, or 4 payments of £48.75

This opportunity involves investing in the upkeep of the Elite Racing Club stable of horses, and recouping a share of any winnings.


Title: Elite Racing Club
Reviewed by Roger on Jun 1
Rating: 4.0
Summary: An opportunity to invest in the Elite Racing Club stable of racehorses.

Elite Racing Club offer the opportunity to take part ownership of their string of racehorses and to have the potential to profit from a share in any winnings that they make.

Owning a race horse is beyond most people’s reach, but part ownership of a string of horses is possible thanks to companies like Elite Racing Club. By investing in a part share you can enjoy the thrill of watching “your” horses competing and maybe even winning you some prize money, over and above anything you make from betting. Membership of a club like this could be good for you if you:

  • Enjoy the thrill of watching your own horses racing
  • Want to share in the prize money when they’re successful
  • Want to be part of a club that allows you to visit stables and attend race meetings
  • Would like to be on “the inside” of the racing industry

What’s this business opportunity about?
While a lot of people follow the horses and get a lot of pleasure just from watching the racing and betting on the results, you might like to be more involved and enjoy the extra thrill of owning horses and watching them race. Add to that the possibility of collecting a share of the prize money, getting to meet the trainers and going to meetings as an owner rather than a mere “punter” and you could well see the attraction of joining a racing syndicate or club.