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Magnetic Technology For Health And Fuel-Saving Markets

Ecoflow (Bioflow)


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Earn commissions starting at 30% rising to 50%


Title: Ecoflow (Bioflow)
Reviewed by Anna on Oct 15
Rating: 3.0
Summary: Promote and distribute Bioflow products on a commission-only basis.

Bioflow offer you the opportunity to promote their products within the health and fuel saving markets and to profit from a generous commission structure.

This is another network marketing opportunity, this time from a UK company (based in Devon) that has been selling its magnetic technology gizmos since 1991. As such, the business opportunity is very much like many other network marketing businesses, in that you are asked to recommend and sell the company’s products, either face to face, online or bay almost any other means. If the technology convinces you this could therefore be a good opportunity for you if you:

  • Want to earn a little extra money or want to put in more time to earn more
  • Want to work in your own time and own your own business
  • Would like a discount on the products

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
Like any network marketing business, Ecoflow, or as it’s more often known these days, Bioflow, asks its independent distributors to promote and sell products on a commission-only basis. In this case the commission is quite generous, at 30-50 percent. The technology and ‘science’ behind these products is hotly contested but they sell in two main markets: health and fuel saving. The health market is a growing one and as stated, there is quite good commission per sale.