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Double Your Money In A Banner Brokerage Scheme

Banners Broker


Price: $25 - $3,655

You choose how much you want to invest


Title: Banners Broker
Reviewed by Scott on Oct 10
Rating: 4.0
Summary: Invest in website space to resell for profit

Make an investment in website banner space and resell this to advertisers for profit. Purchase blocks of advertising space at varying levels of cost, from Starter through to Ultimate packages.

Advertisers will pay substantial amounts of money for advertising space on popular websites and banner brokers can make a share of this by buying the advertising space in bulk and selling it at a premium to companies wishing to advertise. For this they need funds, and one way to obtain these is by getting small investors to join them. That seems to be the essence of Banners Broker, and you may find that becoming a banners broker is right for you if you:

  • Have some money to invest and want a significant return
  • Are prepared to get to grips with a slightly confusing system
  • Want a money making opportunity that takes very little time once you have grasped it

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
Anyone who owns a popular website (one that gets thousands or millions of hits a month) has a valuable resource that advertisers will pay a lot of money to appear on. The essence of brokerage, whether in website banners or anything else, is to connect sellers with buyers and take a cut for your trouble. If you can resell for twice the cost price you are doing very well indeed, and that’s what this service aims to do for you.