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Ann Summers Party Organiser

Ann Summers


Price: £3.50 per week

Earn £50-60 per party as a Party Organiser


Title: Ann Summers
Reviewed by Lucy on Jan 21
Rating: 4.0
Summary: Become an Ann Summers party organiser

Arrange and run women-only parties in your own home and earn generous commissions on Ann Summers products.

Ann Summers parties are women-only events held in the hostess’ own home. As a party organiser you arrange and run the parties and demonstrate and sell Ann Summers products.

The opportunity is especially suitable for women who:

  • Are busy during the day but can work in the evenings and weekends
  • Are willing to learn how to run parties and sell products
  • Have some time to devote to the business

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
Ann Summers was created in 1981 by Jacqueline Gold to sell lingerie and sex toys at fun, women-only parties. Party organisers earn 23% of sales on the night and 30% of other sales.
The parties are fun and you can expect to make £50-£60 per party, on average.