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Title: Amway
Reviewed by BizOpp Insider on Oct 17
Rating: 4.0

Direct marketing through multi-level-marketing is a popular and successful business model, and Amway is the world’s biggest direct marketing company. They sell a wide range of products for home and personal use, from cleaners to cosmetics, plus clothing and even food. In most MLM opportunities the amount you get out very much depends on how much you can put in, but they do offer flexibility and the potential to progress if you have the time and energy. So network marketing could suit you if you:

  • Want or need to work from home or at hours that suit you
  • Enjoy selling, networking and meeting people
  • Want to get started and don’t have much time to invest now but will do in the future
  • Might enjoy recruiting other people and building a team

What’s This Business Opportunity All About?
Multi-level network marketing offers more than one way to make money, and these are usually income from retail sales and from recruiting new people to the business, plus a percentage of those recruits’ sales. Sales can be achieved in a number of ways, depending on the company and products, and many people find the personal contact from one to one selling the most enjoyable and rewarding. Amway particularly encourages this method of selling.