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Discover the 9 Risk Types of an Entrepreneur

Title: Discover the 9 Risk Types of an Entrepreneur
Reviewed by BizOpp Insider on Nov 18
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A recent psychological study has found that small business owners in Britain a more inclined to be risk-adverse and cautious, that that of the general public.

Entrepreneurs are commonly thought of as nonconformist individuals that have a hunger for risk, yet research undertaken by Axa Insurance Company discovered that entrepreneurs in Britain are more prudent and wary.

AXA Business Insurance managing director Darrell Sansom professed that entrepreneurs are often thought at being daring renegades, leaving that of the more conformist, commercial working behind to take on their own fortune and authenticate their very own passions. He went on to state that it’s encouraging seeing the level of awareness that entrepreneurs in this country employ.

Read on to discover the 9 risk types of an entrepreneur compared to the general population:

Spontaneity: (Entrepreneurs = 7.2% / General public = 11.7%):

This risk type is both impetuous and enticed to risk, but apprehensive if things don’t go to plan. They react strongly to disappointment and are particularly emotional. Enjoying the spontaneity of making unplanned decisions is a common tale, yet they suffer by making inadvertent decisions and not gathering information, leading to significant information being missed.

Intense: (Entrepreneurs = 11.6% / General public = 10%)

This risk type is both sensitive and anxious. They tend to invest passionately in ventures and people, but their dread of disappointment can become their own self-made divination. This type of person feels very deeply about matters and tends to take things personally if things don’t go the way they had hoped. It is their self-doubt that holds them back making them their own worst enemy in some ways, yet this can be turned around to become a determination to succeed.

Wary: (Entrepreneurs = 22% / General Public = 11.3%)

This risk type is fearful about possible hazards, yet particularly organised with a need for security. This leads to them identifying risks before identifying the potential benefits. No matter how well it worked for others people, they fear that it may go wrong for them. This risk type is also susceptible to doubt and enthusiastic about security leading to a need to control both people and events.

Prudent (Entrepreneurs = 15.2% / General Public = 10.1%)

This risk type is methodical and complaint. Their conventional and unadventurous ability means that they prefer repetitiveness as opposed to variation. When it comes to completing familiar processes, they prefer alterations to be gradual and long-lasting. This means when it comes to new endeavours, they are somewhat careful and reluctant.

Deliberate (Entrepreneurs = 14.8% / General public = 12.6%)

This risk type is more relaxed, self-assured with a slight touch of anxiety. Their risk awareness is balanced by their desire, allowing them to complete tasks in a strategic and efficient manner. With a very self-controlled way of doing things, they are unlikely to be unprepared for anything.

Composed (Entrepreneurs = 7.2% / General public = 11.1%)

This risk type is both assured and calm. With a cool-headed and inexpressive outlook, their attitude is continually positive and free of troubles. This type of person will take everything in their stride and handle stress well, whilst remaining calm most of the time.

Adventurous (Entrepreneurs = 3.6% / General public = 12.8%)

This risk type is spontaneous yet courageous. Their combination of coolness and spontaneity yet disregard for convention, means the best of both worlds can be attained. Yet, there apparently oblivious attitude towards risk can be a cause for concern at times.

Carefree (Entrepreneurs = 8.4% / General public = 9.8%)

This risk type is both bold and ready to challenge conformist approaches, whilst enjoying challenges in a fast-paced surrounding. This type of person gets impatient with monotonous tasks and routine and can be quite distractible and forgetful with details.

Typical (Entrepreneurs = 10% / General public = 10.6%)

This risk type shows none of the extremes that symbolise the other risk types. This means, in regards to character and tolerance towards risk, they are similar to most other people. They are not overly practical, nor are they inordinately reckless. They tend not to be openly expressive nor are they exceedingly calm, whilst risk taking behaviour is likely to be structured from precise experiences.